The Core

By Craig Honeycutt

The Core

It has been awhile, hasn't it? We have all had full lives and many adventures since the mighty e: has worked together in the world. As some of you know, in 2019, Steve, Nathan and I got together to play some shows as "Almost Everything" on the Outer Banks of NC. We also were lucky to play with Pat McGee at The Barns of Wolf Trap. We had such a blast, we wanted to make more plans to spread joy.

After much discussion and getting a hard "no" from Slankard, we decided to re-launch "everything 3.0" with the CORE of Steve, Nate and myself. We have been using the amazing talents of Patrick "Hammer" Thornton on bass and vocals. (I know, a great name for a bass player!)

We are also going to be bringing some surprise musicians to play with us in various situations. So much of the magic of our beautiful project was the many players we encountered in our adventures, and we will continue that tradition.

We have so much love for the former members of our musical troupe, and we feel like the direction of the band is strong. I can tell you for true that there is magic in the air right now with us. 

See you soon...