New Music

By Craig Honeycutt

New Music

At the heart of the experience of "everything" is songwriting. I began writing songs at the age of 13, and I know that Nathan and Steve both started writing at a young age as well. The biggest excitement we have going on right now is from the connection around making new music together. 

We have all had full lives and years of musical experience since we last worked together. What has transpired in the past few sessions of being together has been magical. Years of ideas and energy flowing forth. 

The feeling that we are three brothers, working together again in the "lab" has been potent. With a smaller number of collaborators, we feel kinship with the BEASTIE BOYS and love the approach they had to creativity. Long may it continue. 

What was true, and still is about "everything" is the drive to be fearless in the creative process and to aspire to greatness. 

Onward and upward



PS - Nate and Steve will chime in soon.